Sports Events You And Your Friends Can Take Part In

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As you get older you run out of things to do. We all have hobbies but realistically most of our time is spent playing xbox or watching movies. Though it’s perfectly fine to sit in doors and relax from time to time it isn’t healthy to do that all the time. It’s a good idea to get out and participate in things with your friends, rather than becoming antisocial and ultimately losing friends eventually. If you are stuck for ideas however here are a few suggestions.

Bubble Football

Bubble football events are held almost every weekend. In fact not only can you find bubble football events at your local leisure centre but you can also hire it for yourselves from Zorbing Hire. Bubble football involves all the same rules of football however each player top half of their body is inside a zorb. Though it sounds strange it makes a simple game of football a lot more fun than normal. In fact it even reduces the competitiveness of the sport altogether seeming as the focus is trying to stay up rather than getting a goal.play_mid

Five Aside

If you like the traditional game of football without all the stress of a Sunday league football game then why not go play some five-a-side. Five aside involves you and your friends renting out a 3D football pitch (a pitch with synthetic grass) and attempting to carry out a normal football game. Obviously with 5 players on each team the sport becomes a lot simpler.hire


Like 5-a-side you and your friends can also rent out a tennis court. If you and your friends are particularly competitive then a tennis match is the perfect sporting event for you. You can take each other on and see who emerges


Gyms often hold events that if you and your friends are members can attend. Though they may be significantly smaller events than team sports they are still something to get you and your friends out of the house. That’s as good as an excuse as anything right?busy-gym


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