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imagesYou may have diving insurance as a safety net (if you don’t I suggest you visit Dive Master); there are still bad practices in diving that you should be advised against in order to protect yourself from harm or injury. However, you also have to mind those diving don’ts that are intended to protect the corals and everything else underwater.

Don’t Perch at Bottom

You might want a better look on a coral, stone, or whatever it is that caught your attention at the bottom, but you shouldn’t perch too much at the bottom. If you wanna hover, use your buoyancy control for you to have a better look.

Don’t Stand On The Corals

Whatever happened to proper diving etiquettes? Touching down and standing on the corals is a big no-no! If you need to position yourself firmly to take a picture or something, again work your buoyancy control to steady yourself and your scuba skills. And for those dive guides, once you see this behaviour, please don’t turn a blind eye and correct it.

Don’t Kneel On The Corals

Tired already? Then you might wanna consider going back up to rest properly. But do not kneel on those corals! They’re not lounge areas for you to settle yourself or rest on, let’s respect the corals and not break them. They could take thousands of years to form and there you are casually kneeling on them as if they’re just some ordinary stone. If corals have the same diving insurance that you have, I’m sure such behaviours would be one of the primary grounds to make claims.

Don’t Hold On To The Corals For Support

You know why those muck sticks are created for? So that divers can use it to hold themselves off the coral as they go for a closer look. This is the reason why those divers who uses their gloved hands to do this or go from one coral formation to another by grabbing the corals to reach the location is totally unacceptable.

Don’t, In Any Way, Disrupt The Natural Setting Underground

Granted, you are fascinated by the underwater beauty that’s why you want to see everything you can. But exploring nature has it limits too, and when it comes to underwater you can just lift artifacts off the seafloor, move them around, handle them, touch the wrecks and stand on just anywhere. These don’t just mean disrespect for the nature, but you could also be putting your life in danger by moving live, unstable ammunition.





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