Guide To Selecting A Marquee For Your Next Event

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A marquee is a good type of tent suitable for any event. This highly portable tool’s main purpose is to provide shelter and protection to any kind of weather sunny or rainy. This only means that if you are planning to hold an outdoor event at some point in the future, then consider to use marquees. This article will comprehensively help you on how to choose the appropriate marquee suited for the occasion. If you are interested, read further.

The following are the things that you have to consider when choosing a marquee:

  1. Types

Picking up the right marquee for you could be a bit difficult because there are various types of marquees in the market. These products come from a huge selection of shapes, designs, colors and sizes. Some other types have walls and some are just open; some have windows some do not. There are also marquees which have various colors and some just have the plain, white color. There are also marquees available with top or peg, free standing or frame and lastly, it could have different shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle and other fancy shapes.

  1. Seating capacity

This is a very important factor that you have to note when buying or renting a marquee. This is to ensure that all guests will be sheltered and be accommodated inside. There are small and big marquees. The small ones could cater 15-20 persons and the biggest ones could definitely accommodate a very large number of guests. Imagine, the biggest could shelter up to 560 seating capacities which is why it is preferable and suited during outdoor activities like weddings, festivals, exhibitions, events and many others.

  1. Type of occasion.

Renting or buying your own marquee is a brilliant idea if you always launch or held several activities outdoors. From the most elegant black tie events up to the casual outdoor activities and celebrations, marquees will always be a suitable option for your reception needs. Now, in choosing the right marquee for you, you also have to consider the type of event you are going to hold. Take for example a wedding; you do not want the whole reception to look like a carnival with the colors of your marquee. So what you are going to do is to select a color or design appropriate to the event. For weddings, the most preferable choice is the white one because, it could be decorated and be transformed to a wedding wonderland or a theme of your choice. It would be easy to craft and play with the designs with a white marquee. You can light up the sides, line the ceilings, decorate and add finishing touches to it.

  1. The company you are going to hire.

Hiring a company could be a little bit tricky. Once you decide to get a marquee, you have to consider choosing a company which already have lots of experiences of setting up marquees. Ask for referrals from someone because they could have experienced hiring one. Now, if you could not have a referral, then visit the internet and research on the companies in your local area that offers their services. There, you could read the customer review and the company’s marquee experiences.


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