3 Amazing Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

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3 Amazing Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

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Whenever you go to a festival or any other event, you’ll be given a plastic cup or bottle. This is because the plastic has replaces the glass at such events, but the downside of it is the fact that the plastic left behind damages the environment and makes a lot of mess.

The main problem with the plastic at such events is the littering. Due to the fact that these plastic cups and bottles are single-use items, they easily get discarded or thrown away, and on these events, this usually means just dropping them on the floor near you. Then, another problem are the bins that get filled up rather quickly. This means that the organizers of the event need to increase the bin maintenance, which increases the cost of the entire events. And finally, there is also the problem of recyclability, because not every plastic item can be recycled.

These are the problems that have an impact on the environment. You see, producing these plastic items requires quite a lot of resources. Apart from that, it was recently reported that as much as 8 million tones of littler gets dumped in the oceans worldwide every year! This is a huge amount, and it is so huge that it was reported that every sixth fish caught in the UK contains plastic in its body! And finally, perhaps the worse problem with the plastic is the fact that it takes it about 500 years to break down!

So, what to do? Well, you can start researching the alternatives. One alternative to the single-use plastics are definitely the reusable cup schemes. These glasses are made of hardened plastic, and can be washed on site and reused during the events, and even later, in the next event. The organizers of the events that use these kinds of cups usually try to force the guests to return the cups by offering a deposit back or some kind of a levy scheme.

The next great alternative to single-use plastics at events are the water refill stations. These stations can be nothing more than a jug of water that has glasses. Other water stations come on the form of a drinking fountain or even a mobile refill station.

And finally, we have the reusable bottles, which are being encouraged. These reusable bottles can be either brought to the event, or could be sold on site; and selling them could offer some money back lost on the water bottles.

The main goal of this is to make people understand that using the single-use plastics at events like festivals damages our planet. We need to fight to reduce the environmental impact of the plastic, and at the same time improve the guest experience. This will, in turn, improve the reputation of the event organizer, and ultimately reduce the costs. These alternatives to the single-use plastics we have mentioned are a great way to do all of that, and that is why you ought to start thinking about them.

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5 Reasons for Getting a Photobooth for Your Party

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5 Reasons for Getting a Photobooth for Your Party

Photobooths are something that is becoming ever more popular, and not just on private occasions, but also on various types of events. They can be really fun and can offer really amazing photos. However, this is not the only reason why people love them, and if you’ve ever wondered why that is so, we’re going to give you an answer to that in the form of these 5 reasons. Hopefully, they’ll make you understand that a photobooth is a must, no matter what kind of an even you’re having.

They are Fun!
We’ve already mentioned that the photobooths are extremely fun, but we didn’t really explain it. Some people believe that these things are only being used to make official ID photos, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They can be a great thing to have at your parties as well. Everyone can use this booth (photo booth hire london), from children to old people, and everyone knows that taking silly pictures inside a photobooth can always be fun, and could offer a ton of laugh anytime you see the pictures in the future. It is said that a Guinness World Record has been set at 7 people crammed together in a photobooth. You can even try to break that record! Good luck.

They Start Conversations
Having a photobooth at your party will definitely be a great conversation starter. It is always difficult to crack the ice with some new people you’ve just met at a party, and this thing seems to be the cure for that. There is no person that wouldn’t be amazed by this device, and some will even be surprised with it. Therefore, it’s really probable that the people are going to start to talk about it, which will make them dwell deeper into the conversation, and hopefully, remember the event as an amazing thing.

They’ll Make the Event Memorable
There’s nothing worse than organizing an event, and some time later, no one seems to remember it. This means that the event has not made an impression on the guests, and if you have a photobooth, that can never happen. Besides the fact that the people are definitely going to be talking about the photobooth, the booth will also give them some physical things that will help them remember the event – the photos! They’ll leave your party with a souvenir, and they can even share it with their online friends via social media. Photobooths can be also used to create guest books, which will allow everyone to remember the event and always keep it close to them.

They’ll Make It Personal
Having a photo taken with someone, and not just any photo, but a photo taken with a person with whom you’re in a photobooth together, will offer a personal touch to both the event, and the photos as well. You can even add any background you want to the photo, allowing the people to make it look like they’ve taken photos in deserts, beaches, volcanoes, space, etc.

They Offer Quality Service and Equipment
The service that these photobooths offer is really quality, allowing for everything to be able to run smooth at your event. This means that your guests would be able to have fun, without having anyone stopping their fun.

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Guide To Selecting A Marquee For Your Next Event

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A marquee is a good type of tent suitable for any event. This highly portable tool’s main purpose is to provide shelter and protection to any kind of weather sunny or rainy. This only means that if you are planning to hold an outdoor event at some point in the future, then consider to use marquees. This article will comprehensively help you on how to choose the appropriate marquee suited for the occasion. If you are interested, read further.

The following are the things that you have to consider when choosing a marquee:

  1. Types

Picking up the right marquee for you could be a bit difficult because there are various types of marquees in the market. These products come from a huge selection of shapes, designs, colors and sizes. Some other types have walls and some are just open; some have windows some do not. There are also marquees which have various colors and some just have the plain, white color. There are also marquees available with top or peg, free standing or frame and lastly, it could have different shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle and other fancy shapes.

  1. Seating capacity

This is a very important factor that you have to note when buying or renting a marquee. This is to ensure that all guests will be sheltered and be accommodated inside. There are small and big marquees. The small ones could cater 15-20 persons and the biggest ones could definitely accommodate a very large number of guests. Imagine, the biggest could shelter up to 560 seating capacities which is why it is preferable and suited during outdoor activities like weddings, festivals, exhibitions, events and many others.

  1. Type of occasion.

Renting or buying your own marquee is a brilliant idea if you always launch or held several activities outdoors. From the most elegant black tie events up to the casual outdoor activities and celebrations, marquees will always be a suitable option for your reception needs. Now, in choosing the right marquee for you, you also have to consider the type of event you are going to hold. Take for example a wedding; you do not want the whole reception to look like a carnival with the colors of your marquee. So what you are going to do is to select a color or design appropriate to the event. For weddings, the most preferable choice is the white one because, it could be decorated and be transformed to a wedding wonderland or a theme of your choice. It would be easy to craft and play with the designs with a white marquee. You can light up the sides, line the ceilings, decorate and add finishing touches to it.

  1. The company you are going to hire.

Hiring a company could be a little bit tricky. Once you decide to get a marquee, you have to consider choosing a company which already have lots of experiences of setting up marquees. Ask for referrals from someone because they could have experienced hiring one. Now, if you could not have a referral, then visit the internet and research on the companies in your local area that offers their services. There, you could read the customer review and the company’s marquee experiences.

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T-Shirt Personalisation For Special Occasions

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Gathering the entire clan together even for one day is fun. However, it can be hard these days due to busy schedules since work, school, and life just consumes most of our time. But considering that fact isn’t that all the more reason to arrange a reunion? And while you’re at it, why not have a personalized t-shirt for everyone that will make them remember a rare occasion such as this and the family as well?family_reunion_t_shirt-r602dce2bd31f4917a6b9acb502d68485_8nh9w_324


There are competitions out there that either require family members or allow it as long as you form a group of certain number. Since in this kind of competition, team work is necessary, it would be a great idea to start by customizing the shirts that you’ll be wearing for that day. That’s one way to intimidate your opponent by showing how tight and determined your team is.chili_cook_off_competition_tee_shirts-rb50300ee8a1d4bb39e42fdbcadd4b0fc_804gd_324

Party Giveaways

If you’re planning to throw a party, you might wanna reconsider those generic party favors that people usually give, like tiny figurines or scented candle. How about t-shirt personalisation? Visit this website: http://www.mypersonalisedclothing.com/ Since they can wear it, they may appreciate it more than those tiny items the usually ends up a display in some part of their house or get shoved in a drawer and forever forgotten.hen-party-tshirts-9

Sports Event

Do you love going and watching sports live together with your family or friends while supporting a certain team? Why not, for the next event you’re planning to watch, get your gang a personalized t-shirt for that specific team? Isn’t that just more exciting and shows how you guys are such a big fan! Who knows you might get an amazing opportunity of having those shirts signed by them!keep_calm_and_focus_on_snowboarding_tshirt-r01ce5e0f38f84546816d8959a550c0d7_804gy_324


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