Sports Events You And Your Friends Can Take Part In

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As you get older you run out of things to do. We all have hobbies but realistically most of our time is spent playing xbox or watching movies. Though it’s perfectly fine to sit in doors and relax from time to time it isn’t healthy to do that all the time. It’s a good idea to get out and participate in things with your friends, rather than becoming antisocial and ultimately losing friends eventually. If you are stuck for ideas however here are a few suggestions.

Bubble Football

Bubble football events are held almost every weekend. In fact not only can you find bubble football events at your local leisure centre but you can also hire it for yourselves from Zorbing Hire. Bubble football involves all the same rules of football however each player top half of their body is inside a zorb. Though it sounds strange it makes a simple game of football a lot more fun than normal. In fact it even reduces the competitiveness of the sport altogether seeming as the focus is trying to stay up rather than getting a goal.play_mid

Five Aside

If you like the traditional game of football without all the stress of a Sunday league football game then why not go play some five-a-side. Five aside involves you and your friends renting out a 3D football pitch (a pitch with synthetic grass) and attempting to carry out a normal football game. Obviously with 5 players on each team the sport becomes a lot simpler.hire


Like 5-a-side you and your friends can also rent out a tennis court. If you and your friends are particularly competitive then a tennis match is the perfect sporting event for you. You can take each other on and see who emerges


Gyms often hold events that if you and your friends are members can attend. Though they may be significantly smaller events than team sports they are still something to get you and your friends out of the house. That’s as good as an excuse as anything right?busy-gym

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Top 5 Things You Might Not Know About Cycling Solicitors

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Cycling solicitors are available to support cyclists after major incidents. Be it recreational cycling, or cycling in an event, companies such as Osbornes Cycle Lawyers are available and ready to help you get back in the saddle as soon as possible!

  1. Cycling Solicitors Supports All Kinds Of Cyclists

No matter what your purpose for cycling, may it be transportation, recreation, or sports, cycling solicitors will fight for your rights. So don’t feel like you are less than other cyclists just because biking is simply your hobby. Know that you have rights too and there are people who will fight for those.

  1. Chances Are, Those Cycling Solicitors Could Be Cyclists Too

If you intend to make cycling a part of your lifestyle in any way, being acquainted with a cycling solicitor will benefit you. And don’t hesitate to because more often than not, they, too, are passionate cyclists themselves. Knowing the situations of cyclists on the road, they won’t feel weird about you befriending them, because they understand.

  1. Increasing Your UM/UIM Is Highly Recommended By Cyclists Solicitors

UM/UIM is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance. This covers you a lot better in case you meet an accident. This is the reason why most cycling solicitors suggest cyclists to get more from it. Its best if you discuss this with your lawyer first since each state could have different laws about it though.

  1. It Would Be Easier For Your Cycling Solicitor If You Can Get The Plate Number Of Those Aggressive Drivers

Just like any road accidents, being able to get hold of the license plate number of the offender could identify the aggressive driver a lot easier. Therefore, if you’re a cyclist, you have more chance of nailing the driver if you could jot down his plate number. Even better if you could install a cycling camera in your bike, the footage from it can be a harder evidence to use just in case.

  1. Homeowners Whose Dog Bit Your Or Knocked You Over While Biking Could Be Penalized

Homeowners could be liable if their dogs bite or knocks a cyclist over. If ever this happens to you, don’t let the incident slip and make sure you seek action from the owner.

Before making cycling a part of your daily life, be sure to invest in health insurance. This can be very beneficial in the long run, if you find the right policy for you. To ensure you get the right cover, make sure you visit Health Insurance Finder ( It’s their job to get you the best policy and the best possible price, so make sure to check them out

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Most Tough Endurance Events

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Endurance events are really hard and also put you to your limits. You may think to not continue when you feel you cannot take anymore but you decided to proceed and take the challenges. Here are some tough endurance events that you may try if you decided to take the challenge.

This event is done every last Friday of September. The race will start at the foot of Acropolis. The race will runs out of Athens on the way to the coast and turns along the coast towards Corinth via Elefsis, Megara, and Kineta. The path reaches the Corinth Canal at 78.5 kilometers. The runners hit 81 kilometers which is the first of six major check points. From Corinth, the race will head toward Ancient Corinth, Nemea, and Lyrkia with 159 kilometers, and you will reach the top of Mount Parthenio. After that, it continues south going to Nestani and Tegea, formerly reaching the main Sparta highway just before the mark of 200 kilometer. There are 75 checkpoints that the runners must go through and there is cut-off time in each checkpoint. The runners that would fall outside the cut-off may be hove out of the race. Tardiness in the first half of the race is generally tolerated but it would be difficult to handle when the sunset comes and in the third race which is the last. If the runners seen to be over fatigue, thy may be pulled out.

Badwater Ultramarathon
This event is the world’s toughest foot race. This is really a worth to try because it is legendary. Badwater Ultramarathon is a 135 mile or 215 km course opening at 282 feet or 85 m below sea level in the Badwater Basin, in California’s Death Valley, and closing at an elevation of 8360 feet or 2548 m at Whitney Portal, the trailhead to Mount Whitney. This event is done when the weather conditions are most extreme and the temperatures are over 120 °F or 49 °C.Consequently, there are very few people are capable to finish the race, even among ultramarathoners.

Namibian 24h Ultra MarathonNamibian 24h Ultra Marathon
The Namibian 24h Ultra Marathon was initiated in April 2008 and there will be a n every year event for 24 hour this race. This race is a 24 hour ultramarathon that makes the participant to pass through the Namib Desert which is one of the oldest desserts on Earth. Namibian 24h Ultra Marathon has 126 km which is equivalent to 3 marathons. This race let the participants to carry their own kit likefood, water, clothes, maps and other things that you need along the race. Participants will race within 24 hours in 126 km with different temperature to experience. During the day in this dessert may heat above 45 degrees Celsius while at night the temperature may drop as low as 0 degree Celsius. This is really tough race but all the sacrifices are worth the finale.

There are many enduring events out there and you may also try them in order to know your limits and also to achieve more in your life.

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